Health and Safety

The overall health and safety of employees in the workplace is at the forefront of many employer initiatives. Due to substantial evidence linking safety and lifestyles to work-related behaviors such as productivity, health claim submission rates, and employee replacement costs, it is important that HumanageHR work with you to create a program tailored to fit your specific needs.
Further, the employer mandate of the Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare”, the subject of healthcare is heavy on the minds of many business owners. With the complexity of the Affordable Care Act, understanding employer mandates under this Act are critical to businesses. HumanageHR can help you navigate these mandates and negotiate health care costs creating the most profitable solution for your company.



Affordable Care Act

HumanageHR can help your company navigate through the complexities and concerns you, as an employer, may have concerning your requirements under ACA, by addressing the following:

  • How do you determine whether your business needs to offer coverage and to whom?
  • What type of coverage do you need to offer your employees?
  • What are the associated penalties if your business is not compliant?
  • What are the options to help you become compliant?
  • What are your reporting requirements?



Wellness Programs

Wellness programs develop healthy lifestyles, shows corporate responsiveness and supports happier and more productive employees.  Want more information?  Contact HumanageHR to develop the right program for your employees.


Safety Programs

Effective safety programs in organizations create an environment in which hazards are minimized and injuries are prevented, significantly lowering costs and claims. Such programs include Emergency Action Plans and Illness Injury & Prevention Programs.  Do you need an updated safety program?  Contact HumanageHR to create a program to fit your needs.


Benefits Program Development

Benefits programs can be an essential recruitment and retention tool. Programs should be developed with industry standard and competition in mind, but should also be based on the organization’s unique culture, financial position and plans for growth. HumanageHR works with organizations to develop programs that are customized and flexible and can help communicate the program to employees. Let us help you create a program that rebuilds loyalty in your company!




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