Compliance Services

There are an overwhelming amount of local, state and federal regulations governing how a company operates. These laws vary by state and by the number of employees. To maintain legal compliance and avoid penalties, companies need to be aware of applicable regulations and how they impact the organization.




Human Resources Audit

What is a Human Resources Audit?

A Human Resources Audit involves an objective look at the company’s HR policies, practices, procedures and strategies to protect the company. It identifies needs for improvement and enhancement of the HR function and establishes best practices. A HR Audit involves systematically reviewing all aspects of human resources, typically in a checklist fashion.
HumanageHR will conduct a properly executed Audit to evaluate whether specific practice areas are adequate, legal and effective; as well as reveal problem areas and provide recommendations for the remedy of these problems.

HR Audit Focus

Employment Law (Federal, State and Local)
New Hire Stage
FMLA/CFRA and other leaves
FLSA (exempt/nonexempt classifications)
I-9 Forms
Wage and Hour Administration
Benefits Administration / ERISA and COBRA
Policies and Procedures
Workplace Safety
Performance Management
Org Dev/Talent Management
Discipline Procedures & Documentation
Job Elimination/Separation Process
Personnel Files/Records
Workplace Harassment /Sexual Harassment
Payroll and Compensation Strategy


Policy Development

Successful companies have policies in place to ensure employees understand the behavior and conduct expected of them and to avoid potential liability exposure. Policies also help to ensure regulatory compliance. HumanageHR works with companies to develop policies and procedures, including creating and updating Employee Handbooks, promoting accountability and responsibility.


Workplace Incident Investigations

If an accident occurs in the workplace that results in physical injury to an employee, an incident investigation should follow as soon as possible. The purpose of the investigation is to identify its cause and the steps that should be taken to prevent a repeat accident. HumanageHR can conduct an investigation for you as well as an inspection before incidents occur to proactively look for unsafe conditions.


Employee Handbook

An employee handbook is an important communication tool between an employer and its employees.  When written properly, it sets forth expectations for employees and management and helps protect employers against discrimination or other legal claims. Handbooks must be updated frequently to keep current with the constant changes in laws, changes in organizations and the workforce. HumanageHR works with clients to create their first employee handbook as well as update handbooks already in existence.


Exempt/Non-Exempt Classification Analysis

Federal wage and hour lawsuits continue to increase every year and pose the greatest employment litigation threat to businesses today, according to legal experts. Employers can help minimize the risk of litigation by takings the steps to ensure their employees are properly classified and that there are careful record-keeping practices in place. HumanageHR will conduct a classification analysis and ensure the appropriate steps are taken.


Management Compliance Training

Although recognized as a necessity, compliance is almost a dirty word in the business world. Failure to follow compliance can result in harsh penalties, and in some cases even in criminal charges.  It is a massive risk to any company if their management team does not adhere to or understand key regulations. HumanageHR can hold seminars with managers or one-on-one training as needed.  The training will be straightforward and explain rules in a simple, easy-to-understand format without all of the confusing legal jargon.





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