HR Nightmares – Employers Beware!

More people more problems, as the saying goes. I have heard that mantra tossed around so many times during my career that I’ve gone from having a visceral negative reaction to accepting it as a conversational norm. True, being an employer is not easy.


For a More Flexible Workforce, Hire Self-Aware People

Being self-aware is not only important in your personal life, but also for choosing the right career path.  For employers, it means steering away from the traditional hiring practices to attract and retain exceptional people who are hired into roles where they can achieve great things, in an environment that allows them to really thrive. A blog from the Harvard Business Review discusses this topic further and is well worth the read.


The Right Way To Maintain Employee Files

This article written by HR Bartender does a good job of summarizing the need-to-know regarding employee files.  So many employers get this wrong.  I have had to completely reinvent entire filing systems, ensure compliance and gather missing documentation.  This is something which if set up correctly from inception is easy to maintain, but if done incorrectly can be quite a big undertaking to correct depending on the number of employees.  Employers, are you confident your files are compliant?  Are you separating medical documents and I-9s from personnel files? If not, familiarize yourself now with legal requirements.   For more information, click here to read…


Breaking Bad – Is HR The Hero Or The Villain?

When I look back on the early stages of my career in human resources I think one of the hardest pills to swallow was the bad reputation I had been bestowed by way of the heavy HR crown I now so proudly wear. After all, it’s not easy being queen. Queen of what you ask? Queen of policy enforcement, humiliating disciplinary meetings, heartless layoffs, corporate restructurings, boring sexual harassment training, and endless documentation requirements.


Should HR Have Friends At Work?

If you ask an HR professional this question I bet you will get a smile and then a multi-faceted answer. We want (and need) to be a trusted resource for employees, so there needs to be a genuine, friendly element to our approach. But when does it go too far and become a liability?


5 Things To Ask Yourself Before Launching Your New Business

I decided to jump right in, head first, and the water was…surprisingly warm.  Alright, alright, that’s the optimist in me talking. It wasn’t always warm.  In fact at times it felt much like a cold, bottomless abyss with a whirlwind vortex that would suck me in and spit me out, leaving me haphazardly scrambling for dry land. That might sound a bit dramatic, but starting your business all on your own can be quite lonely, intimidating, and demanding. Being an entrepreneur can also be extremely exhilarating and cathartic.  It provides freedom and an empty canvas from which you can paint and…

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